Amazon Seller FBA

An alternative to the FBM model is the FBA model (Fulfillment By Amazon). In this variant, the seller can hand over the organisation of even the entire shipping process to Amazon. You, as the owner of the products, decide which will go to the FBA warehouse and which you will send yourself. The most important thing is that with the FBA option you can entrust the entire order handling to an American partner (dropshipping).

This is a good solution for entrepreneurs who value convenience, have extra money to invest and don’t want to waste time on issues related to delivery to the customer.

For whom was
the Amazon Seller FBA package created?

  • for entrepreneurs who want to increase their profits;
  • for sellers who don’t have the ability to store goods;
  • for businesses who don’t have the time to organise the delivery of goods to the customer.

What does choosing
the FBA model give you?

The FBA model has many advantages. First of all, the seller doesn’t have to worry about where their goods are stored – they have Amazon’s warehouses for that. As a result, they can use the “Shipping by Amazon” logo, which for many customers can be an important factor in their purchasing decision. Other plus points of the FBA solution include: the option to use Amazon Prime, which increases customer confidence, free delivery just for Prime customers, attractive shipping costs, intuitive monitoring of stock in the warehouse, and 24/7 customer service in the local language.

Amazon Seller FBM

Every seller, when setting up an account on Amazon, has to decide which business model is optimal for them. One option is FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant), a model where you are fully responsible for carrying out the entire sales process: completing the order, packing the goods, addressing them and shipping them to the customer. Amazon is only the place where the purchase takes place – the distribution channel. Secondly, you yourself are responsible for building your position on the platform and the quality and timeliness of delivery.

For whom was
the Amazon Seller FBM package created?

  • for all entrepreneurs: both those who have just learned how to sell on Amazon and those who have been on the platform for a long time but want to change their sales strategy and therefore their business model;
  • for companies specialising in selling luxury, exclusive or unique products;
  • for retailers – entrepreneurs who run their business on a smaller scale and sell less;
  • for sellers using the Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) model, i.e. entrepreneurs who offer seasonal, highly personalised or luxury products in several variants.

What does choosing
the FBM model give you?

There are many benefits. By choosing this business model, you are betting on self-reliance and independence in running your business on Amazon. It is you, the seller and owner, who decides how you want to appear on foreign sales markets. You build your brand according to your own vision and capabilities.

Freedom is certainly a big advantage of the FBM model, but not the only one. Our customers often emphasise that further benefits are certainly reduced paperwork, lower losses (and commission) after Amazon’s upgrade and no additional costs.

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No matter where you are right now, are you just figuring out how to start selling or are you already on Amazon, or maybe you manage the sales team of a great company? You can always consult with experts who know a lot about the specifics of selling on Amazon.

We’ll tell you if you’re managing your account well, do a listing audit and analyse your past activities. If necessary, we will give you expert advice and explain step by step how to get your business onto the Amazon platform so that you don’t get lost in the complicated business model of the American giant. Get in touch and benefit from our experience. We will show you how to leave your competitors far behind.

As you can see, you have two business models to choose from. If you don’t know which one is for you and are afraid that your choice could expose you to serious financial losses, choose to work with the professionals at Go2Market. You do not have to manage your reseller account on your own, know about advertising, know what ppc is and prepare marketing plans. In Go2Market we offer you complex service and optimisation of sales process.

What does the comprehensive service of
Amazon channel consist of?

We want our Customers, thanks to expansion on Western markets, to be ahead of their local competition and generate profits, which are not yet available on the Polish e-commerce market. Our task is to prepare an individual action plan for you and your company and to implement it effectively.


Launch of sales (Amazon Seller Central sales account), including but not limited to: creation of Brand Registry account for EUIPO registered product brands, product listings for approximately 18 unique collections and 77 product designs with product variations (color/size/set);

Product listing management (optimization of names, bullet points, product descriptions), updating product data based on customer feedback;

Customer contact, responses to customer comments on products and the retailer;
Account performance, i.e. monitoring the key performance indicator of the ODR account and keeping it below the required 1%;

Performance konta, czyli monitoring kluczowego wskaźnika performance konta ODR i utrzymywanie go poniżej wymaganego poziomu 1% ;

Advertising, i.e. conducting promotional activities according to the agreed scope (campaigns in the PPC model, dedicated campaigns for product brands, Ligthning Deals, etc.).

Remember, you don’t have to know everything and speak all the “Amazon languages”. We know how to sell on Amazon, you know your business. Working with us means you will conquer foreign sales markets and start making real money in Euros.

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