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Selling on Amazon – how to make your first FBA shipment?

Planning to sell on Amazon and wondering how to prepare your first shipment? If you already have an account on this portal and you offer products in the FBM model (Fulfillment by merchant), you can immediately see which are the most popular purchases for customers. First of all, these goods are worth sending to the […]


Selling on Amazon – inventory limit change 2021

Sellers using the Fullfilment by Amazon (FBA) model need to adapt to the limits of stock held in the e-commerce giant’s warehouses. In May 2021, it was announced that a new maximum limit of 500 index points was being introduced. It refers to the stock index and is intended to help manage inventory effectively. What […]


Bargain Festival and Amazon Prime Day 2021

Until the 13th of June 2021 on you can find many products at bargain prices. During the Bargain Festival you will find price cuts in over 30 categories, including Home & Kitchen, Electronics, Beauty, Toys, Baby, Sports, Garden and Fashion. In the Instant bargains section customers will find offers that are only active for […]

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