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The business of any company begins and ends with an in-depth analysis of the numbers. Regardless of what a company does, if it cannot learn from the facts of its business and makes decisions based on superficial information or intuition, it will ultimately pay a heavy price.

Bill Gates

Who we are?

My name is Tomasz Jankowski. I’ve been working in marketing since… I can’t remember when anymore. I’ve been selling on the Amazon platform for over 7 years, and I founded the Go2Market agency in November 2018.

My adventure with the Amazon platform started in 2013, when I ran an e-commerce channel for companies in the construction industry. At the time, setting up an account on the US platform was part of a marketing strategy that involved selling on Amazon as one of many channels within an omnichannel effort. It quickly turned out to be a bull’s eye. I realised how much potential there is in e-commerce on Amazon, and that this is the direction of development for every Polish company that wants to increase its turnover, spread its wings and become present with its product on Western sales markets.

The direction of development for the organisation, but, as it turned out, also my own. Since then, my professional career has been connected with Amazon.

The power of experts,
the power of a team

Today, together with a team of experienced experts, I advise small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, sales managers and sales executives in growing manufacturing and trading companies, as well as executives of large corporations: directors, presidents, CEOs.

supported by facts

We have 35 active clients. Those who have trusted us, we have led from 0 to 7-digit euro results! So far we have cooperated with such brands as Cellfast, Rawlplug + Modeco, SMMASH, Forever (TelForceOne), Seboradin, Orphica, Nutridome, Rolimpex, My Screen Protector or Stol Kar. Join the group of those with whom we have been successful together.

Quality service
at a high level

We approach each customer individually and I assure you that this is not just a platitude. We start our work with a product audit, competitive analysis, creating business plans, modifying marketing strategies, but we also help specifically: we set up an account on the Amazon platform, build a product offer, register the brand, train employees and support the customer service department on Amazon’s five markets (in five languages).
Sales growth (Vendor model): from €30,000k in 2018 up to €3.5m in 2020 (by July).

Client: manufacturer and product brand owner in the garden category.

Increase in sales (FBA model): by 320% with an unchanged ACOS in the period IV-VII 2020 from sponsored PPC campaigns.

Client: owner of a cycling clothing brand from the UK.

47 products in the TOP 100 best-selling products in their category. Achieved within 5 months of product launch.

Client: manufacturer and brand owner in the medical products category (FBM/FBA model).

38 000 products

is the product base we manage on a daily basis

750 000 PLN
of budget

is our monthly budget for PPC campaigns we run for our Clients.

6 brewed

is the average number of coffees each of us drinks every day to keep our clients satisfied at the highest level.

What do we do?

We want our clients, through expansion into western markets, to stay ahead of the local competition and generate profits not yet attainable on the Polish e-commerce market. Ultimately, we also want them to compete effectively with the international community of sellers, showing the strength of the Polish economy.
We do not keep valuable knowledge only for ourselves. We care about the development of the whole industry, which is why we focus on education that will allow another group of entrepreneurs to start their adventure with selling on Amazon.

What do we strive for?


Our actions are to make the Polish e-commerce market come closer to the Western Marketplaces in terms of growth. Yes, we aim high.


We want to be the first choice agency for all Polish entrepreneurs who sell or want to sell on Amazon. We are patiently building an expert position to achieve this goal.


After becoming the No. 1 Full Service Amazon Agency in the country, we will start building our position in Western Europe and then in the US (agency profile – for US sellers wishing to sell in the EU. G2M already has a foothold there and first planned implementations) and for Middle East markets (for EU sellers).

Tomasz Jankowski - Founder of Go2Market

Entrepreneur, consultant, strategic advisor and experienced Amazon expert. Since 2014 actively involved in sales, tool development and consulting for Amazon sellers. He gained professional experience in Poland and the UK in international organisations in senior management positions in sales and marketing and logistics. A graduate of the Business School of the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow UK with a BA and MSc and an MBA from the University of Illinois, Chicago, USA.

Go2Market guiding principle

We give our clients the necessary tools, simple tips and a detailed action plan that will allow them to conquer foreign sales markets and earn concrete money on the Amazon platform. We do not keep valuable knowledge only for ourselves.

We care about the development of the whole industry, that’s why we focus on education which will allow another group of entrepreneurs to start their adventure with selling on Amazon.

Why us?


Don’t want to make costly mistakes? Work with us. Your business is safe because we keep our finger on the pulse.


Trust the practitioners, do not work with laymen. Our work is supported by solid preparation – and has strong foundations.


We focus on comfort and convenience in cooperation. We always adjust the way we work to your expectations and possibilities.


We speak concretely and directly. We do not throw jargon at you to prove that we are specialists.


Your success is our joint victory. We support you at every stage of the sales process. We settle for results.

Get to know us

We are the Go2Market team. Each of us has our own unique skill and specialization, but we all share a passion for Amazon.

Meet the most important people of our team:

Tomek Jankowski


Asia Kubica

Head of Content

Magda Wiącek

Head of Customer Service

Paulina Siwiec

Head of Vendor

Bartek Mikołajewski

Head of Design