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Verification of Possibilities
Initially, we will jointly verify the possibilities of developing your business on Amazon. We help to understand, explain, and honestly verify the possibilities.

Verification of Assumptions

We will determine your assumptions and plans for developing sales on Amazon. If you don’t have any, we will jointly outline a possible direction.

Checking of Products

Together, we will review Amazon for products similar to yours. Using the appropriate tool, we will check if and how they sell.

Potential Analysis

If we conclude that these are suitable products for Amazon, we will proceed further, and if we determine that they do not have potential, we will inform you clearly.

Summary of Conclusions

Together, we will draw conclusions, and if there is initial willingness to cooperate from both sides, we will jointly determine the direction of development and scope of activities.
Note! If at this stage we conclude that we will not be able to develop your sales, we will honestly inform you and not submit an offer.

Submitting a Cooperation Offer

After determining the details, we will return to you with an individual offer prepared based on previous arrangements

After signing the agreement, the first stage of specific actions will be preparation - setting up the account and the initial steps towards developing the offer.

Setting up the account

  • If you don’t have an account on Amazon, we will guide you step by step through the registration process, and we will take care of anything we can on your behalf.
    If you already have an account, we will check the configuration and make any necessary changes if needed.
  • We will also support you with any additional formalities such as bank accounts, brand registration, waste management, or tax issues.

Assignment of customer care manager

Based on the agreement and your offer, we will assign a customer care advisor – a sales specialist for Amazon who, working with other specialists, will be responsible for developing your sales. At least 5 people work on each managed account! (copywriting, advertising, graphic design, compliance, customer service)

Developing a strategy

Together with your advisor, you will establish the range of products to start with, develop a strategy (you provide the know-how of your industry, we provide Amazon sales expertise). The advisor will then plan and delegate tasks to individual specialists, monitoring the progress of the work.

At this point, we are starting to work directly on Amazon - we have gathered materials, we have a strategy, so let's get started.

Developing listings

If you don’t have offers on Amazon yet, we will prepare them from scratch based on the materials provided by you. We will develop titles, descriptions, and graphics to optimize the listing for effective sales. We use dedicated tools to download and analyze data from Amazon as well as our own proven methods of operation.

Supplying Amazon with offers

After developing the listings, we implement them on Amazon and check if everything is as it should be. If there are no errors, we move on to the next stages.

Launching marketing campaigns

In most cases, the first sale on Amazon is generated mainly through PPC ads. We will develop a campaign and in the first few weeks, we will work particularly hard to optimize it.

This is the final, ultimate mode of cooperation - full account management. Once the sales are launched and orders are coming in, we work on further development.

Offer optimization

We continuously work on the development of the offer and sales – we constantly monitor the opportunities for improving listings in terms of content and graphics. We conduct tests, looking for the best solutions.

Campaign optimization

We regularly check the effectiveness of the campaign, look for opportunities for improvement, and implement changes. We monitor advertising budgets and the way they are spent. We test different types of advertising campaigns.

Customer support

Amazon requires a response to incoming messages within 24 hours in the language of the given market – we take care of this without using bots.

Account monitoring

We verify that there are no notifications, problems, blocks, or shortages on the account – if something happens, we react immediately.

Offer development

We believe that the development of the product offer should be continuous (if possible), so we prepare new listings and campaigns, which then go into checking and optimization mode – on an active market or we launch a new one.


during our cooperation, we are in constant contact. We meet for summaries, analyze the situation, and draw conclusions. Once a month, we prepare a comprehensive report on the activities performed and sales results.

Opening new markets

In most cases, we start with the German market, but if you give us the green light and the analysis shows that it is worth it, we will help and launch sales in other markets.

Sales planning

We help to plan individual activities with the development and maintenance of sales dynamics – for example, we inform in advance about shipments to FBA.

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