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We do everything so that our customers are ready in the battle for the future of their business. We give effective weapons and armour resistant to market turbulences.

And we never leave them alone in this battle. On the 'battlefield' that is the amazon platform, we are together - we settle for results only after the battle is won."

Tomasz Jankowski (Founder of Go2Market)
Our job is to develop the business of our partners. We provide them with the necessary work tools and knowledge with an individual action plan for each. We work 7 days a week, 360 days a year. We operate in all of Amazon’s European markets.

What specifically is
sales support for us?

This includes:
    1. Sending a response to your customers’ messages within 24 hours of receiving them (in their language, including weekends!).
    2. Daily communication with your customer service, technical, accounting and warehouse departments. All this to provide your customers with reliable answers.
    3. mMnitoring the quality of your Amazon account (Performance) and responding quickly to negative experiences.
    4. Mediation and resolution of critical incidents (A-Z guarantee, negative feedback, chargeback claims, Policy Violations).
    5. Launch and manage mailing campaigns that increase the number and quality of reviews of you and your products.
    6. Launch tools to monitor product listings – their quality, attempts to change or hijacking.
    7. Creation and management of promotional campaigns (deals, vouchers, promotions, PPC, off-Amazon).
    8. Updating and managing product and supply price lists.
    9. FBA Upgrade – conversion of FBM-FBA products, planning and importing shipments in the FBA model.
    10. Integration support with external tools (logistics, shop platforms, multichannel integrators).

Do not miss the chance to develop your business.

Contact us and with our help join the group of satisfied Amazon sellers.

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No matter where you are right now, are you just figuring out how to start selling or are you already on Amazon, or maybe you manage the sales team of a great company? You can always consult with experts who know a lot about the specifics of selling on Amazon.

We’ll tell you if you’re managing your account well, do a listing audit and analyse your past activities. If necessary, we will give you expert advice and explain step by step how to get your business onto the Amazon platform so that you don’t get lost in the complicated business model of the American giant. Get in touch and benefit from our experience. We will show you how to leave your competitors far behind.

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