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If you want to sell your products on Amazon, you need to decide which partnership model will be most profitable for you. The Amazon Seller Central option (here the Amazon FBA or FBM variant) is for those who want to sell their products themselves via the Amazon platform. On the other hand, the Amazon Vendor Central option (i.e. First Party Sellers) is a proposal for entrepreneurs who prefer to entrust sales to the American giant and cooperate with it directly on a B2B basis.

To sum up: you, as a manufacturer, are responsible for delivering goods in bulk, and Amazon is responsible for distribution.

For whom was
the Amazon Seller Vendor package created?

Let’s start with the fact that only selected companies can become an Amazon seller vendor. This means that you first have to stand out to receive a special invitation to collaborate. Who can count on this?

  • brands that are in demand on the platform;
  • sellers with a good product who are noticed by customers;
  • owners of products that Amazon deems worthy of attention, products with potential for success.

What does choosing
the AMAZON SELLER VENDOR model offer you?

The message from Amazon means that you already know how to sell on Amazon. However, keep in mind that the offer you’ve received presents you with a whole new opportunity for growth and more business decisions to make. You don’t have to go through this process alone. Contact us and we will tell you how to profitably structure your partnership with Amazon.

What do you gain in the Amazon Seller Vendor model?

  • prestige and credibility – your products are sold by Amazon, which is well perceived by customers (Amazon’s logo makes a difference);
  • more time for yourself – after all, you only have one job: to keep Amazon’s warehouse stocked;
  • more advertising and product promotion options – you get access to enhanced options on the Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) platform;
  • tools that are not available to sellers using the FBA or FBM model.

Do not miss the chance to develop your business.

Contact us and with our help join the group of satisfied Amazon sellers.

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No matter where you are right now, are you just figuring out how to start selling or are you already on Amazon, or maybe you manage the sales team of a great company? You can always consult with experts who know a lot about the specifics of selling on Amazon.

We’ll tell you if you’re managing your account well, do a listing audit and analyse your past activities. If necessary, we will give you expert advice and explain step by step how to get your business onto the Amazon platform so that you don’t get lost in the complicated business model of the American giant. Get in touch and benefit from our experience. We will show you how to leave your competitors far behind.

Remember, you don’t have to know everything and speak all the “Amazon languages”. We know how to sell on Amazon, you know your business. Working with us means that you will conquer foreign sales markets and start making real money in Euros.

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