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How to optimise your listing for Amazon in 4 steps?

Adapting your product names and descriptions to Amazon’s guidelines and your customers’ expectations is a big challenge and worth spending a lot of time on. At this stage, the most important element of the listing is created, which is just as important as good quality images. Creating a product listing that will ensure successful sales […]


What is the A10 algorithm and how can you use it effectively?

What is the A10 algorithm and how can you use it effectively? Knowledge about the principles of Google’s algorithm is widely known, as this most popular search engine in the world provides information about the mechanisms of functioning and the changes introduced. However, what do we know about what data Amazon uses when indexing and […]


Product Brands Guide to Amazon Sponsored Brands 2020 Campaigns

Answers to the 6 most important questions. Visibility means to be or not to be for Product Brands. We are bombarded with ads, solutions, products, guides, podcasts, contests, posts and behind most of them are specific product brands. Amazon is no exception. Visibility means recognition and sales. Below we’ve compiled what every brand should know […]


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