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On our blog we write about everything we have learnt about selling on the Amazon platform over several years of practice. By reading our articles, you’ll learn how to properly set up your account on the platform, the pros and cons of each of Amazon’s business models and how to register your brand to start selling on Amazon. You can also count on us to share information about changes to Amazon’s terms and conditions and provide you with hot industry news.
Knowledge about Amazon

Best practices for selling on Amazon

Today, Amazon is the largest marketplace in the world and many researchers point to it as the future of e-commerce. Best practices for selling on Amazon are related to wide reach, operational infrastructure, payments, customer communication or promotion from day one of the sale. This is a considerable saving compared…


How to start selling on Amazon?

Amazon is a sales platform that allows you to expand not only locally but also internationally. How to start selling on Amazon in order to achieve success? You should start the whole process by choosing specific products and the kind of business on this platform. Check out what you should…


How to choose products to sell on Amazon?

When considering starting your venture on the Amazon platform, the absolute bottom line is choosing the right product to sell. The question you may ask yourself is what products to choose to sell on Amazon in order to be successful on the platform? This is the question I will try…


How has Amazon transformed the e-commerce market

Soon Amazon will establish itself on the Polish market for good. Before that happens, it’s good to find out how Amazon has changed the e-commerce market so far. Becoming familiar with the characteristics of Amazon’s operations and new technologies, which have started to be used thanks to Amazon, makes us…


Allegro vs Amazon. A clash in the Sokoh Valley.

The long-awaited news was made public last week – Amazon officially announced its entry into Poland as a sales platform. Amazon has been preparing to make this move for years, building its infrastructure in Poland, but it is not a strategic decision for the giant from the point of view…