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Taking over sales management


With experience
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FBM model

Problem with
blocked brands

Entering Amazon
as a Manufacturer

Customer profile

NAKA24 GmbH is a German company that sells products under foreign brands as well as its own brand.

Before partnering with Go2Market, the company sold products on Amazon as a distributor, including:

  • Screws and bolts,
  • Gardening products,
  • Cables, wires, sockets, boxes and electrical blocks,
  • Lighting,
  • Gas Hoses,
  • Bathroom and kitchen fittings.

On Amazon, the company operates in the FBA and FBM models. In July 2021, we took over an active sales account. There were already product listings on the platform. Between December 2021 and October 2022, there was a 95% growth.

Sales dynamics for the period of January 2021 to November 2022

The challenge

What was our task? A client selling as a distributor wanted to expand its production and launch a range of products under its own brand on Amazon. In addition, it was important to maintain the upward sales trend of the remaining products. The company sought our agency's support to unlock the ability to sell under several previously blocked foreign brands and to take over seller account management.

The company's product base was large and diverse, so technical actions and optimisation work were planned on a large scale.

The action strategy included several key steps:

  • Audit the account to identify problems and plan optimal solutions
  • Unlocking brands whose products the company wanted to sell
  • Optimising the textual content
  • Assisting in the selection of its own products to be launched on German market

Audit of accounts

The following aspects were checked during the audit

  • Account settings,
  • Account health,
  • Quality of product listings,
  • Marketing campaign profitability.

Based on a comprehensive analysis of the account and sales, conclusions were formulated and communicated to the client. The primary objective at the start of the collaboration was to unblock the brands under which NAKA24 GmbH wanted to sell. It was also suggested that the product descriptions and titles be optimised to better match algorithm of Amazon and customer expectations. To this end, the copy department created new texts based on keywords searched by customers. This enabled the text content to be well adapted to the algorithm of this particular marketplace.

Our actions had a positive impact on:

  • Expanding the offering with additional brands,
  • Increased visibility of product pages,
  • Conversion.

Unlocking sales for additional brands

In the early stages of the relationship, the client was most concerned about being able to launch new products under previously blocked brands. As a result, the compliance department began intensive activities to unblock them at the very beginning. Thanks to effective communication with Help Desk of Amazon, we were able to lift the block quickly, allowing the client to expand its range. This resulted in a significant increase in sales.

Optimizing textual content

To increase conversion rates and improve the position of product pages in search results, we carried out an optimisation of the titles and text of the products on offer. New proposals were created based on data from specialised analysis tools. The keywords found helped to improve the bestseller rank indicator and increase the sales value.

Support in selecting our own products to launch on German market

Developing a business by starting your own production is a huge challenge. We are with you from the very beginning. We advise on which products have great potential on Amazon. We help plan pricing strategies and provide forecasts of demand for specific products on this platform. Our support in this area enables NAKA24 GmbH to optimise its planning and increase the competitiveness of its own offers.

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