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Customer Profile

Go Crazy is a Polish manufacturer of sportswear and accessories. The company sells its products through its own online store, gocrazy.pl, as well as the Allegro platform. They gained experience selling on Amazon by working with another agency. However, unsatisfactory sales results led the company owners to switch to a new agency to manage their seller account. Sales with Go2Market started in March 2022, and within the first 3 months, they achieved their first set goal and saw a sales growth of over 400%

The challange

The initial plan was to take over the existing listings created by the previous agency. However, it turned out that the previous agency was the owner of the GoCrazy brand on Amazon and taking over the brand ownership rights required additional actions. The client's goal was to increase sales and expand into other European markets. This required optimising their offering, but due to the lack of brand management rights, no elements of the product pages could be edited. Ultimately, it was decided to create completely new listings, which meant creating all the necessary text and graphic material from scratch in a very short time.

At the time, the company had over 20 product lines with many colour variations. As a result, intensive work was planned on a large scale.

We created a strategy that included:

  • An audit to identify problems and deficiencies and find the best solution.
  • Taking over the brand owner rights from the previous agency.
  • Creation of complete product listings (text, graphics, A+ content).
  • Preparation of a store front and brand store for the GoCrazy brand.
  • Launch marketing campaigns for selected products.
  • Expansion into new markets.

Audit of the accounts

As part of the audit, we checked
  • Account settings,
  • Account health,
  • Quality of product listings,
  • Profitability of marketing campaigns.

However, it soon became clear that it would be impossible to carry over the existing listings from the previous agency, so we developed a strategy to implement the offer from scratch. We proposed to create the first dozen or so product pages for the most important products, and then gradually work on the rest. It was very important to start selling from 1 March 2022, as previously planned. The first descriptions and photos for selected items were uploaded to Amazon at the end of February 2022.

Acquisition of brand rights
from previous agency

due to factors beyond our control, obtaining the rights to use the GoCrazy brand on Amazon from its creators was complicated. Finally, in mid-March, we were able to become Brand Owner. This allowed us to start publishing A+ cards for our already active products.

Creation of complete product listings (text, graphics, A+ content)

The existing texts on the product pages of Amazon were of very low quality, so we decided to create them from scratch. We carried out keyword research for each product type and used these in the titles and descriptions. This allowed us to quickly launch well-prepared listings on the platform, which quickly produced the expected results. In April 2022, we received more than twice as many orders as in March, and by September this increase was almost 1000%.

Sales growth during the period of July 2020 - November 2022

Thanks to well-optimized offers after the start of the autumn season, sales have significantly increased. High-quality listings and increased interest from customers of Amazon in hats, scarves, and neck warmers have contributed to satisfactory sales results. Currently, some product pages have A+ Premium cards, which allow for even better presentation of the offer.

Preparation of Store Front
and Brand Store for the GoCrazy brand

The previous GoCrazy Brand Store was removed by the previous owner of the brand. As a result, we created a new store with graphic design adapted to the client's key visual. A clear layout and interesting graphics allow customers to get to know the entire range of the company and choose products best suited to their needs

Launch of marketing campaigns for selected products

Since April 2022, marketing campaigns have been launched for several selected products: leggings, men's t-shirts, shopper bags, children's hats, and women's scarves. In the first month, their TACOS indicator reached a value of 11.7%, which means that these actions were effective with low financial costs.

Entering new markets

Since May 2022, the offers have been active on 4 marketplaces: German, Polish, Italian, and French. Already in the following month, there was a significant increase in sales on the Italian market +4422%, and in the following month also on the French market +428%.


Cooperation with Go2Market allowed the client to develop sales on the German market and 2 other European marketplaces: French and Italian. Well-prepared product listings presenting the GoCrazy offer in an attractive form, combined with a thoughtful pricing strategy, brought the expected results. Despite very strong competition in the sportswear industry, sales were able to be developed on all markets of Amazon where offers were added. We note regular growth on each of them.

Increase in sales on German market of Amazon during 03-11.2022

By working with Go2Market and the GoCrazy company, we have been able to:

  • Regain brand owner status for the GoCrazy brand,
  • Organize listings on German market and add them in a new, more attractive form,
  • Add product descriptions with titles and text tailored to the platform's requirements,
  • Publish a professional Brand Store,

  • Promote products and achieve top 100 search rankings in several categories (including 2nd and 3rd positions for children's hats),
  • Entered and developed sales in 2 new markets,
  • Maintain a high quality sales account,
  • Monitor the profitability of marketing campaigns.

In the first month of working together, the company achieved a significant increase in sales despite ongoing optimisation work.

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after 3 months of cooperation

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