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Customer Profile

Robin has been an upholstered furniture manufacturer for over 20 years. Prior to partnering with Go2Market, the company sold through bricks and mortar stores as well as an online store. Sales on Amazon started in July 2020. Starting from scratch, it was important to select the products with the highest sales potential and set up the seller account correctly.

The challenge

The client had no experience with an e-commerce platform. Their goal was to expand their sales channels and enter new markets. The German marketplace was to be the first to launch.

Our actions included comprehensive activities such as:

  • Introducing the manufacturer to the issues of selling on Amazon,
  • Configuring the account in Amazon Seller Central
  • Selecting products,
  • Preparing product pages (titles, descriptions)
  • Developing the pricing strategy,
  • launching the range on the platform,
  • Launch marketing campaigns.

Onboarding and seller
account configuration

At the start of our relationship, a member of the compliance department set up and configured the account and then trained the customer's representative on how to use the seller panel. As a result, the manufacturer can easily control sales and generate reports necessary for daily order fulfilment. When it comes to furniture, i.e. oversized shipments, it is important not only to label the goods correctly, but also to secure them properly during transport. The training therefore also covered how to prepare products for shipment.

Product selection

Next, products with the highest sales potential on German market of Amazon were selected based on competitive research. The result is an attractive range of furniture on the platform for German customers. Based on this data, we also developed a pricing strategy that took into account average prices for similar products.

Preparation of copy materials

At the same time, the creative department worked on professional copy to be placed on the product pages. Based on research carried out using tools designed for Amazon sellers, we created titles and descriptions containing a large number of keywords and the most important product information. In addition, we created a comprehensive description at the bottom of the page to help customers find the perfect piece of furniture for their home.

Launching the product range on Amazon
and marketing campaigns

The most important element to improve was the product pages: text and titles. However, the ability to make changes was blocked, so the optimization process began with clarifying the issue of permissions to modify listings with the Amazon Help Desk. Soon, new and improved versions of product titles and descriptions, developed using specialised analytics tools, were launched on the platform. The work on the account resulted in a 55% increase in sales in the second month of the relationship. On a year-on-year basis, sales in the German market increased by 96%.

The sales growth during the period of July 2020 - January 2021

The results

Thanks to a comprehensive approach to the customer from the very beginning of our collaboration, we have achieved regular sales growth. The planned actions were well coordinated and the implementation of individual elements went smoothly. In the third month of cooperation, we managed to break through the €10,000 barrier in the difficult and competitive furniture industry, and by the end of the sixth month we had reached €21,872. After one year of sales, this result was 46,000 and after 2 years - 349,592.86. It should be added that the Robin company has also been selling on French market of Amazon since August 2021.

In comparison with the previous year, we have achieved a huge growth of 1347%.

Thanks to the collaboration with Go2Market, Cellfast was able to:

  • Enter German market of Amazon and, one year after its launch, French market
  • Regularly increase sales,
  • Increase the effectiveness of its marketing campaigns,
  • Develop sales in the e-commerce channel,
  • Promote its best products on the platform,
  • Maintain a high quality customer base,
  • Monitor the profitability of marketing campaigns.

Within the first 3 months of cooperation, the company achieved a significant increase in sales of over 17,000 euros.

+ %

after 3 months

< %

po 2,5 roku współpracy

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