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Customer Profile

Cat Centre is a distributor of products in the home and garden category. They specialize in the sale of accessories:

  • for animals,
  • for the home,
  • for the office.

Thanks to its high quality offer, the company had regular sales on Amazon before it started working with the Go2Market agency, but the sales results were not satisfactory. Our actions began in August 2022. In July of that year, total sales on British marketplace amounted to £249,400.99 with a TACoS rate of 19.3%. A month later, the TACoS dropped to 14.5% and the company sold products for £289,863. From that point on, the volume of sales increased, confirming that investing in marketing campaigns is the easiest way to increase sales.

Increased sales as a result of optimised
marketing campaigns

The challenge

What was our challenge? The client wanted to increase their sales on Amazon in the UK. To achieve this, they needed to optimise their existing campaigns and develop completely new marketing campaigns for each product category. The client approached our agency for help in organising their portfolio and creating new, more effective campaigns.

The company offers products in 3 different categories. We started with pet accessories:

  • At the very beginning, we conducted an audit to determine the specific problem with the previously launched campaigns.
  • We organised the client's advertising portfolio.
  • We launched new campaigns for the agreed products.

Account audit

The audit was carried out to identify any issues that were hindering sales. The main obstacle to effective planning was the lack of a proper organisation of campaigns for each product category. The first important step was therefore to organise the portfolio.

Launching new campaigns

We then made the necessary changes to the active campaigns and created new ones according to the highest standards of work on Seller Central platform for Amazon. As a result, we saw a significant increase in sales in the first month of our collaboration. Seeing such excellent results, the client asked us to prepare additional campaigns for their entire product range. We therefore designed marketing activities for Amazon for products in all 3 categories. With appropriate budgets and regular monitoring of the advertising section, we were able to effectively reduce the TACoS rate, which means that the marketing campaigns are now much more profitable.

Through detailed analysis of existing campaigns and extensive knowledge of marketing on the Amazon, we have created incredibly profitable marketing campaigns that deliver regular sales growth. We focused on an area where there were deficiencies and achieved a satisfactory result for the client. In just 1 month of working with Go2Market, there were significant changes in sales of pet accessories. Following the launch of campaigns for office supplies and home accessories, there was a further significant increase in sales, which, given the decreasing TACoS indicator, can be considered a successful optimisation and implementation of marketing activities on Amazon.

By working with Go2Market, Cat Centre was able to:

  • Organize previously launched marketing campaigns on Amazon,
  • Launch new campaigns for all product categories,
  • Increase sales while reducing TACoS,
  • Promote products offered on the platform and compete effectively with other sellers,
  • Maintain a high quality seller account,
  • Monitor the profitability of marketing campaigns.

Within 4 months of working together, the company achieved sales growth of over £100,000 and the value of sales from campaigns increased more than fourfold.

+ %

After 4 months

TACoS lower by more than 4 p.p.

After 1 month of cooperation

The increased turnover has allowed the client to develop its logistics and expand into fullfilment services in the UK. Those interested in such services are encouraged to contact us directly:

mail: adam.dobrzynski@boltingdarts.co.uk
phone: 00447469939767

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