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Customer profile

Cellfast is one of the leading manufacturers of garden equipment in Poland. It is a market leader in the sale of hoses, tools, garden accessories, gutter systems and soffits. The company also exports to European countries and many other regions of the world. They have gained experience in e-commerce by running their own online store at https://www.sklep.cellfast.com.pl/.

On the Amazon, the company operates under the vendor model. As a manufacturer, Cellfast sells on the platform under its own brand, both independently and through distributors. In 2019, they took over an active sales account. There were already product listings created by resellers on the portal. In March 2019, before the start of the cooperation, sales to Amazon amounted to 75,125.53 euros, and after the first month of cooperation, there was a 55% increase in sales.

The challenge

What was the problem? The client wanted to increase sales by improving the quality of product descriptions. However, these descriptions could not be edited, making any optimization work impossible. The manufacturer turned to our agency for help in unlocking the editing capabilities and managing the Vendor account in all markets where sales are made.

The company's product database is very large, so extensive optimization work was planned.

The action strategy included several key steps:

  • An audit to identify problems and shortcomings and find the best solutions
  • Taking over the brand owner rights from the previous agency
  • Creation of complete product listings (text, graphics, A+ content)

Audit of account

The following were checked during the audit:
  • Account settings,
  • Account health,
  • Quality of product listings,
  • Profitability of marketing campaigns.

A comprehensive sales analysis was carried out. Based on this data, conclusions were formulated and communicated to the client. Suggested changes to product descriptions and titles to better match algorithm of Amazon and customer expectations. The copywriting department developed new copy based on keywords searched for by customers on this platform. This allowed us to optimise them specifically for this e-commerce portal. Our actions increased the visibility of offers and conversions.

Unlocking listings

The most important element to improve was the product pages: text and titles. However, the ability to make changes was blocked, so the optimization process began with clarifying the issue of permissions to modify listings with the Help Desk of Amazon. Soon we were able to launch new, better versions of titles and product descriptions on the platform, which we developed using specialised analysis tools. The work on the account resulted in a 55% increase in sales in the second month of the relationship. Year-on-year sales growth on the German market reached 96%.

Year-on-year growth for 2019-2020

Launch of an axis campaign

At the time, Cellfast axes were among the best-selling products in Poland, so a marketing campaign was launched for these tools. Thanks to these actions, we gained customers' interest and this range competes with the biggest brands in the tool industry on Amazon.

The results

By focusing on a number of areas where there were significant deficiencies, we achieved a satisfactory result for the client. There was a significant increase in sales after just one month of working together. In the following years, sales were maintained at a stable level and, thanks to the entry into other markets, reached a record value of 1,324,755 euros by December 2022.

Year-on-year sales growth in all markets

Thanks to the cooperation with Go2Market, Cellfast was able to

  • Organise listings on the Amazon and enable their editing
  • Change titles and texts previously created by sellers
  • Increase sales by optimizing product pages
  • Promote one of the company's flagship products - Axis - on the platform
  • Maintain a high quality sales account
  • Monitor the profitability of marketing campaigns

In the first month of working together, the company achieved a significant increase in sales despite the ongoing optimization work.

+ %

After 1 month

< almost % growth

After 3 years of cooperation

Why Go2Market?


Go2Market is a team of talented sales professionals with experience in selling on Amazon. Each of them is responsible for optimising and increasing sales for several accounts. Our experts know how to operate on Amazon to achieve excellent results.


Our priority is the quality of our relationship and service, not the number of accounts we manage. We develop your business with you because we care about the real sales results of your business. Simple and honest terms of cooperation are the basis of a partnership with Go2Market.

Safety and security

Seller on Amazon should have support in many areas. By choosing to entrust the management of your account and sales service to a specialised agency, you gain the opportunity to work with many specialists in different fields. By signing a B2B agreement, you gain access to the knowledge of the entire Go2Market team at a fraction of the cost of employing your own staff to deal with Amazon.
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