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Case Study Vendor

Running sales from the beginning


With experience
in e-commerce


Problem with
no rights to edit listings

Launching a new brand
in the German market

Customer profile

The customer is one of the leading distributors of high quality coffee and home appliances. The company's product range includes:

  • whole bean and ground coffee from the world's major coffee regions
  • Espresso machines
  • grinders
  • coffee makers
The company gained e-commerce experience by running its own online store and selling through Allegro. After receiving an invitation from Amazon to join the Vendor Programme, the client approached the Go2Market agency to manage its account onAmazon Vendor Central. We started selling in November 2021, joining existing listings created by manufacturers and other sellers. Our task was also to launch a new brand of coffee.

Customer profile

The platform guidelines state that only the product owner can edit the textual and graphical content. As a result, we were unable to make changes to product pages created by manufacturers or other resellers. Despite these difficulties, we were able to achieve significant growth in the initial sales phase. In the first month of working together, we achieved a result of over €30,000 and the following month we saw an increase of over 50%.

Month-on-month sales growth

In the first phase of activities, our strategy was to:
  • sort out the product range after inserting existing listings,
  • Try to edit the listings by making suggestions to optimise titles and texts,
  • maintain the upward trend.
In the second phase, we planned to:
  • Create text and graphic content for the new coffee brand,
  • Launch the new products,
  • launch the marketing campaign.

Phase I

Once all the products had been added to Amazon, we carried out a quality audit of the existing listings and tried to optimise them. We submitted our suggestions for improving the quality of the product pages, but these were not taken into account by the product owners. Despite these obstacles, we achieved a satisfactory increase in sales. The price increase at the beginning of the year had a negative impact on sales results, but by July there was a significant improvement (+57%). In September, we achieved the highest level of sales since our entry into Amazon. Growth compared to January was 47%.

Monthly increase in sales

Phase II

The next task was to launch new products on Amazon. The listing of the client's chosen brand could be changed in a unique way. We therefore created advanced text and graphic materials for several types of whole bean and ground coffee.

Working closely with the owner of the new brand, we created carefully crafted copy and graphics that emphasised the flavour, brewing method, bean origins and company history in every detail. This resulted in well-converted product listings that our client is now using. We also launched marketing campaigns that helped promote the products on the platform of Amazon. Notably, one of the new coffees became one of the company's top 5 most ordered products in the first month of sales. Since September, there has been a clear upward trend, partly influenced by the expansion of the range.

The results

How did we achieve satisfactory results so quickly? Thanks to careful analytical work, including:

  • competitor research,
  • carefully selected keywords
  • Attractive graphics,
  • compelling copy.

Thanks to the extensive involvement of our specialists in this project, we achieved a 130% increase between August and November 2022.

+ %

Within 3 months of publication of new offers

+ %

Within 3 quarters despite
price increases

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