Consulting – We know all about Amazon!

Wondering how to start selling on the Amazon platform? Or maybe on the contrary, you are a sales director in a large company, you want to improve your financial results, you are looking for alternative sources of sales, but… You do not know where to start and how to do it effectively? Ask experts from Go2Market for a consultation. With us you can always count on complete and professional advice!

what is on offer??

We will support you in areas such as:
  1. selection of the optimal business model (FBA, FBM) and logistics.
  2. selection of product offerings for the greatest sales potential.
  3. correct configuration of the Amazon Seller and Amazon Vendor account.
  4. creation of product content in accordance with Amazon rules and policies.
  5. optimisation of product offerings.
  6. marketing and advertising (e.g. using the promotional tools available on the Amazon platform).
  7. limiting and blocking of sales accounts.
  8. Amazon Brand Registry and Amazon Store Front.
  9. supply chain optimization.
Sales, marketing, logistics, legal – as you can see, we have experienced specialists in every field in the Go2Market team.

comprehensive or thematic

Consulting services concern each of the above-mentioned elements separately or may take the form of comprehensive support for e-commerce departments. In fact, you know best what kind of support you need. Our task is to match the answer to the specifics of your business and the requirements you set for us. Therefore, before we come back to you with a ready-made solution, we will first prepare ourselves well. How?
  • We’ll meet with you or talk on the phone (probably more than once);
  • We will organise a workshop to see what your business is all about;
  • We’ll offer periodic updates to share information or even more broadly, project work.
Get in touch with us today. Let the knowledge and experience we’ve gained over the years improve and strengthen your business on Amazon.