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The changes to FBA Fees come into effect from 15 August 2019

Amazon is changing its policy on fees for goods stored between 181-365 days. The changes to Long Term Storage Fees come into effect from 15 August 2019 however, for the 15 February 2019 billing cycle for these fees, goods that are in storage between 181-365 will not be charged additional fees for long-term storage. The new rules apply to all European markets.

Key changes for FBA stock charges in 2019:

  • No Long Term Storage fees for inventory in the 181 to 365 day range. For the 15 February settlement cycle, these changes will already apply. As a reminder, the previous FBA fee for stock in German warehouses, for example, was EUR 26 per m3 space for products up to 180 days as standard and Long Term Storage for products between 181 and 365 days was EUR 500 per m3. The storage fee for products over 365 remains unchanged.
  • Monthly billing for Long Term Storage. Long Term Storage Fee for products over 365 days will be charged on a monthly basis. Change comes into effect 15.08.2019
  • A minimum Long Term Storage Fee is being introduced. The fee will be GBP 0.10 or EUR 0.10 per product unit per month for products over 365 days. You will be charged one of the fees, whichever is higher – the per m3 fee per product at the Long Term Storage rate or the minimum rate. The new rules will apply from 15.08.2019
  • Reduced monthly charges for oversized products. New charges take effect 15.08.2019


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