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Types and Purposes of Advertisements and Purchasing Behaviors

Objectives Based on the Marketing Funnel

The marketing funnel consists of four main stages: awareness, consideration, conversion, and loyalty. At each of these stages, brands should focus on attracting attention, informing, converting, and engaging customers.

Awareness: At this stage, potential customers become aware of their needs and begin to search for suitable products to fulfill them. Marketing activities should focus on browsing product categories on Amazon and reviewing opinions and recommendations from other customers.

Consideration: Customers consider various product options and conduct thorough research. This includes comparing prices and product features from different sellers on Amazon, as well as reading reviews and opinions from other customers.

Conversion: Customers make the final purchase decision. PPC ads on Amazon offering discounts or promotions can expedite the purchase decision. Actions at this stage involve adding products to the cart and proceeding to the purchase process.

Loyalty: After purchase, customers may evaluate their experiences and decide on repeat purchases. Engagement includes evaluating product and customer service quality and the possibility of recommending the product to other customers.

Types and Goals of Ads

Amazon offers various types of ads that cater to different marketing objectives.

Sponsored Products: These ads aim to increase the visibility of a specific product in search results and promote the sale of that product. They have the greatest impact on ranking and indexing.

Sponsored Brands: These ads serve to build brand awareness and promote specific products within the brand.

Sponsored Display: Display ads aim to reach customers on and off the Amazon platform. Their goal is to retarget users who have already shown interest in our products or similar ones.

Understanding Shopping Behaviors

Understanding the types of shopping behaviors allows for better market segmentation and ad customization to specific needs.

Spontaneous Purchases: Customers make quick purchase decisions, often based on impulse. Marketing strategies should focus on PPC campaigns with low click costs and keywords related to opportunities.

Considered Purchases: Customers carefully analyze their purchase options before making a decision. In this case, it is worth using PPC ads with detailed product descriptions and Sponsored Brands ads to showcase the full product portfolio. Examples of considered purchases include furniture.

Loyal Purchases: Customers regularly return to the same brands or products. Sponsored Brands ads can promote a series of products, highlighting new collections and offers from a specific brand. Examples of loyal purchases include favorite cosmetics from a brand.

Occasion-based Purchases: Purchases made based on occasions, promotions, and seasonal sales. PPC and Sponsored Products ads should promote these events, emphasizing special offers and discounts.

How Objectives and Shopping Behaviors Impact Advertising Campaigns?

Analyzing the marketing funnel and shopping behaviors allows for a more targeted and effective use of advertising budgets. For example, in the awareness stage, it is necessary to use campaigns that promote brand and product discovery. This can be achieved through Sponsored Brands ads displayed at the top of search results pages.

In the consideration stage, when customers compare products and read reviews, it is important to focus on ads that provide more information about the product, its benefits, and differences compared to competitors. Sponsored Products can be used here to promote specific product features or uniqueness.

At the conversion stage, when the customer is already close to making a purchase decision, ads should focus on encouraging purchase through promotions, discounts, or exclusive offers. Sponsored Display can be used here to retarget customers who have added a product to their cart but have not made a purchase.

Finally, in the loyalty stage, it is important to retain the customer with engaging campaigns, such as ads targeted to existing customers, presenting new products or special offers for returning users.


Understanding the marketing funnel and types of shopping behaviors is the foundation for creating effective advertising campaigns on Amazon. This allows brands to tailor their messages and offers to the needs and behaviors of consumers at each stage of their shopping journey. Effective advertising campaigns are those that not only attract attention and convert but also build loyalty and promote repeat purchases.



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