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Without Tax Certificate selling in Germany will be impossible

Amazon, following German legislation, requires sellers to obtain a so-called “German Tax Certificate”. To apply for a Tax Certificate you must be registered as a taxable person in Germany and have a Steuernummer, which is not the same as your German VAT / NIP number.

The application should be submitted to the appropriate tax office in Germany with jurisdiction over your country. For Polish entrepreneurs, the application should be submitted to the following Finanzamt in Germany:

a) Surname or company name starting with the letters A – G should apply to the tax office Finanzamt in Hameln, Süntelstraße 2, 31785 Hameln, email: Poststelle@fa-hm.niedersachsen.de

b) Surname or business name beginning with H – M should apply to the Finanzamt in Oranienburg, Heinrich-GrüberPlatz 3, 16515 Oranienburg, email: poststelle.fa-oranienburg@fa.brandenburg.de

c) Surname or business name beginning with N – Z should apply to the Tax Office, Finanzamt Cottbus, Vom-Stein-Straße 29, 03050 Cottbus – email poststelle.fa-cottbus@fa.brandenburg.de.

d) All other entities not classified above and subject to registration pursuant to §18 (4e) UStG

should register at the Cottbus Office.

After obtaining the Tax Certificate, it must be uploaded to Amazon under Settings – VAT information

The required information should be submitted using a simple form available here:




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