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Amazon seller account. What do you need to set it up?

Before you start the process of setting up your account  in Amazon Seller Central, complete the required documents to get through the registration process smoothly.

The things you need to set up a seller account are:

– Credit Card

– A scan of your identity card / passport

– Proof of address of the person managing the account

– Telephone number

– Company VAT number

– Bank account number

Credit card required for Amazon Seller Account registration

A credit card is required during the account registration process. However, you do not need a card issued in the name of the company you are opening the seller account with. It is important that the card is valid and can be used to make payments online. The card will be charged for the Amazon account fees. This is currently EUR 39 net per month for a Professional account. Once you have fully registered for an account and assigned a bank account, you can change the way Amazon charges you and change it to a bank account, thereby removing your credit card details from your Amazon account.

TIP: By default new accounts set up are registered as Professional. if you register an account but don’t have products ready yet and it may take you another week / month you can downgrade the account to Individual and this way you won’t pay the fixed monthly fee.

Confirmation of identity – identity card / passport

When opening an account it is necessary to provide information on the person who is the owner, or shareholder in the case of companies, and / or the person who manages the account. In addition to personal data such as residence address, nationality, date of birth you must also provide the type, number and expiry date of your identity document.

After registering an account and providing these details, you will be asked to upload a scan of the document. Scan your ID card so that both sides are visible and are in one file in good quality. If you are scanning a passport it is necessary to scan the photo page. You can find other requirements for document scans on the image below.

Confirm the details of the person managing your Amazon account

You are required to authenticate your primary account manager’s Primary Contact Person Information. To do this, you need to provide Amazon with a scan of your so-called “utility bill” via the Seller Central panel. This can be an electricity, water, gas or phone bill. It is important that the bill is no more than 3 months old and that the details on the bill match the details of the account manager you provided earlier, including name and address. This information is verified automatically so it is important that the file is in good quality and can be read by an automated machine. The best format is a .pdf file. You will not be asked for this information until after launch, but it is necessary for your Amazon account to be fully activated.

You must have and provide mobile phone details. This number will be used in the first instance to activate the two-step account security. An activation code will be sent to the number you provided during account registration and you will need to enter this into the designated field to verify the number as the number associated with your main account. The phone number is used as the main contact and verification number when logging in, although it can be changed at a later stage of account management.

Company Tax ID number

Opening an Amazon account itself does not require a VAT number but it is required to fully activate your Amazon account. Once you have access to your seller account, go to Settings -> Account Info -> VAT information i->Add a VAT/GST registration number and enter your TIN number without dashes. Once added, it will have a status of “Pending Verification” and will be finally confirmed after a few days. This is a required data for full activation of your Amazon account.

Bank account number

In the “Settings” section, you are required to provide the bank account number to which the funds from your sale will be transferred via the platform. This may be a Polish account, but remember that in this option, Amazon will convert the transfer from EUR or GBP into PLN. Unfortunately, having a currency account in a Polish bank in a given currency will not protect you from currency conversion because Amazon does not recognize the type of bank account by its number and as a default setting, the transferred funds are converted. The best solution is to have a Euro account for withdrawals in Euros and a UK account for withdrawals in Pounds Sterling.

Make sure you have all this information before you sign up for an Amazon account

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