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How to optimise your listing for Amazon in 4 steps?

Adapting your product names and descriptions to Amazon’s guidelines and your customers’ expectations is a big challenge and worth spending a lot of time on. At this stage, the most important element of the listing is created, which is just as important as good quality images. Creating a product listing that will ensure successful sales should be your top priority. The seller’s primary goal is to get Buy Box. Check out what you should do to become more competitive and successful on Amazon! 

Create new names according to Amazon’s guidelines

Avoid duplicating product names that you use in your shop or on other platforms. Amazon has its own guidelines for what a listing title should look like. The first rule of optimisation here is the same – each one should contain keywords. These are words or phrases that most accurately describe your product. If you sell calendars, for example: 

  1. choose basic terms for each, e.g. wall, desk, weekly, 
  2. Define its most important features: size, colour, content (e.g. with photos);
  3. highlight the advantages: practical, comfortable, roomy, sewn pages, etc.

Once you have a first draft, think about what else might encourage the customer to buy. You can add phrases such as: “for entrepreneurs” or “parents” or “with space for notes”. Remember that you have a limited number of bytes for the description! If you exceed this, Amazon will cut off the end of the name or block your product listing, marking it as “surpressed”. It’s also important that your keywords specify the actual features of the goods you’re presenting, as your ranking position is also affected by whether customers who visit your product page make a purchase. If they choose a competitive offer, it is likely to gain a higher place in the search results.

How to choose attributes, i.e. the most important product features?

Think about what makes your product stand out? Maybe you use recycled materials or use high quality printing? Pick the 5 features you think are most important, for example:

    – We care about the environment – we use recycled paper to prevent unnecessary tree felling; we use eco-friendly inks, eliminating the risk of river pollution

    – Designer project – the best graphic designers have worked on our calendar; this gives it an aesthetic and elegant look

    – Features a pocket for important notes, business cards and banknotes

    – Contains colourful stickers that can be used as fiches to mark important dates

    – The perfect weekly planner to keep track of all your notes, important dates and events.

If you’re short of ideas, get expert listing help on Amazon2! For each attribute, i.e. bullet point, there is a limit of bytes to use. However, it is worth limiting their length as the algorithm only indexes the first 1000 or so characters in these 5 bullet points. The optimum is therefore about 200 characters in each.

What is the product description and what can I do if I’m short of inspiration?

In the product description you can present the advantages of your product range in more detail. If you don’t know what else to add to the bullet points you’ve already created, just describe them fully! Include paper specifications and sources, or add something nice about the graphic designers who designed the layout 😊 Highlight their successes, awards they’ve won or other important aspects of their work. Develop an environmental thought, pointing out the need to be more responsible in business and to encourage entrepreneurs to use green solutions. Write that you print in Poland – an increasing number of consumers are paying attention to this. You are free to use all available bytes for the bottom description. However, it is always worth using them effectively! Take a look at what your competitors are writing. You may discover what helped them gain a high search engine position! You can also save time by getting help from experts who specialise in selling on Amazon!

Keywords – does it make sense to fill in the ‘search terms’ field?

The more different keywords you use in your description, the better chance you have of ranking well in search results. Simply choosing the phrases most frequently typed in by customers will only indirectly affect the product’s place in the list. Forget about the fact that this is enough to quickly push it to the first page. It depends on the number of competitors for a particular keyword. Imagine that 10000 retailers are positioning their products for the same word. That’s a lot of competition and it’s clear that most of them will end up outside the Top 10. Many other factors (some known only to A10😉 developers) and elements also have an impact on the final result of the optimization, e.g. the quality of images and their compliance with the platform’s guidelines, pricing policy, promotions, etc. If you have concerns about listings or are just considering selling on Amazon, we would be happy to help you make the best decision. In a comprehensive or thematic consultation you can talk to an expert and get answers to your questions.

At Go2Market we are happy to share our knowledge. Have something to add, want to share – let us know in the comments below. 

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