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How to start selling on Amazon?

Amazon is a sales platform that allows you to expand not only locally but also internationally. How to start selling on Amazon in order to achieve success? You should start the whole process by choosing specific products and the kind of business on this platform. Check out what you should do as an entrepreneur who wants to start selling on Amazon.

Choose the products you want to sell on Amazon

At the very beginning, you should think about what products you want to put up for sale. Remember that Amazon is a platform that guarantees access to several thousand products, so what you decide to sell must be a competitive commodity.

Check the competition
Before you start selling on Amazon, check what trends among customers are most prominent. Using special tools, you will find out what has a chance of selling best and what the price of the products should be in order to compete in the market. Ideally, it should be an item that is already available but there is little competition.

Check the suppliers
Once you’ve figured out what products are most popular with Amazon users, it’s time to find a source to supply them. Of course, this applies if you intend to sell items that you don’t make yourself. In that case, search for several suppliers and choose the one that will offer the highest quality at the best possible price.

Amazon, how do I get started?
You already know what you want to sell, but you’re not quite sure how to start selling on Amazon? The process isn’t complicated, but there are a few decisions to be made at the very beginning that you need to make in order to sell successfully on Amazon.

Choosing an account
As a beginner seller on Amazon, you can decide to choose an individual or professional plan. The former allows you to use standard features, so it’s sufficient for people who don’t need access to advanced tools. You can sell up to 40 products per month. The premium account, on the other hand, allows you to use extensive sales reports and access to APIs. These are best chosen if you plan to sell more than 40 products per month.

Opening an Amazon account
To start selling on Amazon and open an account, you need to have:
an email address,
An active credit card,
Passport or ID card,
your business details.
These details will allow you to quickly complete the formalities for setting up a seller account and allow you to verify your identity. As part of the Amazon Beginner package, you can benefit from expert assistance in this regard.

Fees and commissions associated with an Amazon account
Before you start selling on Amazon, it’s also a good idea to know all the costs involved. The basics are the account fees. For the standard plan, you’ll pay 4 PLN for each product sold, and the price of the premium plan for a month is 165.91 PLN. Apart from the subscription fees, you also need to take into account the sales commission. Its amount depends on the category of the product sold. You should also bear in mind the shipping costs or fees associated with selling on Amazon FBA.

How do I list a product on Amazon?
Already have an account, but don’t know how to list a product on Amazon? There are a number of ways you can list the products you intend to offer to your customers. You can do this by using the “add product” function in your Seller Center panel. You can also add them to your inventory or use automated tools. This way, you can add items that are already in the Amazon database as well as brand new ones.

How to boost your Amazon sales
Sales performance on Amazon depends on many factors. Choosing the right products and labelling them properly, as well as a competitive price will make your offer interesting for customers not only in Poland but also abroad. If you decide to use Go2Market’s help and buy Amazon Vendor package, your brand will gain prestige and credibility, which will be reflected in your sales results.

Best practices on Amazon
Every seller on Amazon should be aware that customer approach has a significant impact on sales. Therefore, while gaining knowledge on how to start selling on Amazon, it is also worth knowing the best practices that you should always keep in mind.

Shipping time should be no longer than 2 days.
Customer enquiries should be responded to within a day, including weekends.
You should be mindful of the quality of your product images.
You cannot use customer data for purposes unrelated to the order.
Sales processing on Amazon is an area where we can also assist you, making it more efficient.

Amazon’s entry into the Polish market is a moment which should be used to expand your sales. Set up an account and list your products, which we will be happy to help you with before anyone else does. Get ahead of the competition and start selling on Amazon today!



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