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Optimization and Errors in PPC

Understanding and utilizing the optimization of PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaigns on Amazon is crucial for effectively managing advertising budgets and maximizing return on investment. In this article, we will present best practices for optimization as well as common mistakes to avoid when running PPC campaigns.

Campaign Optimization

PPC campaign optimization is a process that should be carried out regularly to align marketing actions with actual results based on key performance indicators (KPIs). Key aspects of optimization include:

  1. Increasing bid rates for campaigns with low ACOS: Campaigns with ACOS up to 15% have the potential to generate more traffic and conversions. Increasing bid rates can contribute to improving their effectiveness.
  2. Decreasing bid rates for campaigns with high ACOS: Campaigns with ACOS of 80-100% or more are less profitable. Lowering bid rates can help reduce costs and improve profitability.
  3. Removing high-click, low-sale keywords: Such keywords can burn through budgets without generating a sufficient number of sales.
  4. Assessing keyword performance: Keywords performing well should be kept at the top, while those burning through the budget should have reduced bids.
  5. Testing: Experimenting with different strategies and keywords is essential to finding an optimal approach.

Attribution Time

During optimization, it is important to consider attribution time, i.e., the time during which sales are attributed to specific ads. Sponsored Products have a 7-day attribution period, while Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display have 14 days. Making decisions based on data from the past few days can be misleading, so it is recommended to analyze data over a longer period, e.g., 30 days.

PPC Errors to Avoid

  1. Many ad groups in one campaign: This can lead to loss of control over the budget and ineffective allocation of funds.
  2. Too many keywords or ASINs per campaign: This results in a loss of control over even expenditure distribution.
  3. Valuable keywords identified in automatic campaigns not added to manual campaigns: Not adding these keywords to manual campaigns is a missed opportunity to increase effectiveness.
  4. Failure to regularly add negative keywords: This is a crucial element in campaign management that allows for the elimination of ineffective spending.
  5. Mixing keyword matching types in one campaign: It should be avoided to mix broad, phrase, and exact match in one campaign to maintain strategy clarity.
  6. Lack of regular optimization: Regular analysis and adjustment of campaigns are essential to maintain their effectiveness.


Optimizing PPC campaigns on Amazon requires continuous monitoring, analysis, and adjustment of advertising strategy to changing market conditions and consumer behavior. Avoiding the above-mentioned errors and adhering to optimization recommendations can significantly contribute to improving campaign effectiveness and maximizing ROI. Remember, PPC success does not come overnight – it requires patience, testing, and continuous learning. Good luck!



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