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What is the A10 algorithm and how can you use it effectively?

What is the A10 algorithm and how can you use it effectively?

Knowledge about the principles of Google’s algorithm is widely known, as this most popular search engine in the world provides information about the mechanisms of functioning and the changes introduced. However, what do we know about what data Amazon uses when indexing and ranking products? Not much, but there are methods to optimise sales on this platform. Learn some basic tricks you can use by knowing how A10 works.

Is A10 different from Google’s algorithm?

A10, previously referred to as A9, is Amazon’s search engine algorithm. It is responsible for sorting the results appropriately and displaying them in subsequent positions on the page. Google’s mechanism works on a similar basis, but in this case it attaches more importance to whether a given website contains valuable texts (e.g. information, industry articles, etc.) than to the attractiveness of a sales offer. A shopping platform, on the other hand, is supposed to show the products that best match the search terms typed in and are most valued by customers. There are many similarities and differences, among others: 

    – The US e-commerce giant effectively protects the secrets of its algorithm from disclosure.

    – Unlike Google, for whom regular content updates count, A10 factors in account history – the longer you’ve been selling on the platform and the more positive reviews you have, the better you will be rated.

    – Both giants highly value sellers using their promotions (Google Ads and Amazon Ads). However, priority is given to organic searches, so it is worth shaping your offers so that they appear primarily among these results.

    – The position of a product is also influenced by visits to the listing page through clicking on ads or sponsored links, as well as traffic from affiliate websites.

In the case of the A10 algorithm, customer satisfaction is the most important factor, because if the customer is satisfied, it is highly likely that they will also search for future products on the Amazon platform, complete their purchase here and recommend the site to their friends. 

Start with a listing – show how good your product is

Find out what you need to do to compete effectively on the Amazon platform! When customers reach your listing, they should quickly recognise that they’ve come to the right place – they’ve found a unique product, just what they were looking for (even if they were going to spend money on something completely different). What can you do to achieve such an effect? Learn the 3 basic steps of effective optimisation:

    – First of all, you need to take care of accurate, factually correct descriptions of the goods on offer. Provide all important features (colour, size, etc.) so that the buyer immediately knows what you are offering and does not have to look for additional information e.g. at your competitors!

    – Do not copy the description from the manufacturer’s website or online shops. Make sure it is authentic and original. Good texts will affect the position of your product in the search engine, because most algorithms reward unique content. Thanks to them you will stand out from the competition. 

    – Add high quality photos and infographics so that the customer can get to know the offer before buying, e.g. take a look at the bag, check the number of extra pockets, see what the weekly calendar page looks like or what the product is used for. 

If you want to find out more, take a look at our guide or order a ready-made, professionally created listing.

Set the optimal price, based on market analysis

The sales platform belonging to the American giant uses an algorithm, which also takes the product price into account. It should not be too high compared to the competition, but also too low, which may indicate poor quality. What can you do to make the right decision? Find out how to easily determine the right level:

  1. First, you should carefully analyse the listings of different sellers and compare them with the offers in the category, e.g. from Allegro (for Polish marketplace) or Alibaba.
  2. Next, you should check how the competition looks like and how much does a given or similar product cost on Amazon. Experts can help you with this by providing you with a detailed report on the subject.
  3. The next step is to analyse the expenses that directly affect the price, i.e. fees and commissions charged by Amazon (referral fee), FBA storage costs (if you use this model), return shipping, etc. 
  4. you can now set your selling price, taking into account your margin, other offers and promotional expenses. 

From the very beginning, invest in advertising and promotional campaigns to increase visibility and reach new customers. The algorithm doesn’t like price increases, so set your price fairly high. Later on, you can lower it by offering temporary discounts.

Convince the customer that you have a unique product.

When preparing the description, focus on the uniqueness of the product, even if there are many same or similar offers. Show that it is much better than the others sold through the portal. However, resign from comparing yourself to specific sellers, mentioning their names or quoting rankings. If you want to achieve a satisfactory sale price, you have to reassure the buyer that he is making the best choice with this offer! Then they will be more likely to pass up a cheaper product and buy from you. Include a free gift or aesthetic packaging that turns a box of matches into a shiny, fashionable gadget!

Read reviews and use them to optimise your listing

When it comes to reviews, the rule of thumb is simple – the more positive comments you have about a product, the better Amazon will rank it. Getting positive comments is a simple way to rank better in search results. Why? Listings with a few (4-5) stars are also more likely to be chosen by customers because they are considered to have already been tested by others (so-called social proof). However, the portal has a restrictive policy related to such reviews. Here are some simple rules to help you sell effectively:

  1. Avoid directly encouraging shoppers to add a review. This is likely to be counterproductive. The platform strongly prohibits such practices.
  2. Do not solicit false comments. If a large number of positive reviews suddenly appear under your listing, the platform will quickly realise that they are from a dubious source.
  3. Describe your product in such a way as to establish communication with your customers and encourage them to publicly review the goods they have received. Create links by emphasising the uniqueness and singularity of the offer that perfectly meets their needs. This is easier with certain products; with others, think creatively. 
  4. Invest in customer service and sales on Amazon1! The whole system needs to run smoothly so that shipments arrive on time, invoices are issued on time, and your account is high quality. Decide on marketing campaigns and monitor their effectiveness on an ongoing basis.
  5. Check reviews and react quickly if any product problems are reported! Sometimes situations can occur that are out of your control, such as a delay in delivery or a package being damaged by the transport company. Try to explain such incidents and make sure that the customer is ultimately satisfied with the purchase. 
  6. Limit the number of returns as they affect your ranking!

If in doubt, get help from the sales professionals on Amazon!

Do everything to increase your sales

Is it any surprise that the more sales you have, the better Amazon rates your product? If numerous customers use your offer, it means that it is worthy of attention and should be promoted. In addition, it generates revenue for the platform, which is why the American giant is all the more keen to support successful sellers in making their listings appear as high as possible in search results. It’s a win-win situation, because the portal makes a profit and you can increase your turnover. Remember that only by being visible on the first page will you be successful. Only a few customers will think of looking at more products. Choose keywords that should generate traffic to your listing – the most important words and phrases that describe your offer. If many internet users view the page and leave without closing the deal, it means that you are positioning your product range for the wrong keywords or it is not presented attractively. Make sure that most of them decide to buy. Invest in advertising (Amazon Ads) and promotion (temporary price cuts, discount coupons, freebies).

So what goes into making a successful sale on Amazon?

Every success has to be earned, so in order to increase sales on this American e-commerce platform, it is first necessary to prepare products well and organise internal processes in the company. This initial work is crucial as it directly affects whether or not your listing will attract interest and move up the rankings to eventually be on the first page of search results. Skipping any of the steps described above or looking for savings (e.g. resigning from a professional photographer preparing packshots) for a long time will negatively affect the position and rating of your products. Remember that you will significantly increase sales if you add aesthetic packaging, an interesting description and good quality photos. Stand out among thousands of other businesses by ensuring high graphic and linguistic standards for each offer and customer service. If you prefer to focus on other areas of your business, delegate these tasks to experts who will take care of your account and clients.

At Go2Market we are happy to share our knowledge. If you have something to add or want to share – let us know in the comments below. 

Happy indexing

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